camping air conditioner

camping air conditioner

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Product Name
Portable Air conditioner fan
Operating Voltage
Water Tank Capacity
Wind Speed
4m/s (max)
Product Weight
Product Size
184×150×310 mm


- [Multifunction]: Personal mini air conditioner cooler, fan, air humidifier, 3 in one multifunction design. Purifying air closely, let this personal space air conditioner desk fan turn your warm personal space into a cooler and more refreshing atmosphere. Let you create your own personal comfort zone. Please note: this is a mini air cooler and cannot be compared with the powerful cooling function of the air conditioner.

- [Wind Speeds and Automatic Timing]: Ultra quite humidifier can adjust three wind speeds (high, medium and low). Portable ac air conditioner has Two automatic timing (2H/4H), press the timing for 2h to shut down, press the second time for 4H to shut down. Press three times to close and operate in cycle. Mini air conditioner let you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time, sleeping or working time.

- [Portable Handle]: Quiet Humidifier Cooling Fan with Handle. Lightweight and portable handle, easy to move, portable design, small size, you can easily carry it out, perfect for your desktop and office, dorm room, outdoor picnics ect. Personal air cooler fan desk fan on summer, just press the switch to enjoy the air-cool, is your summer life's best partner.

- [Easy to Use]: Mini evaporative air cooler, Just add water to water tank and plug in, you can enjoy the cool air. The small air conditioner pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to create your personal space with both humidified and cool air. Portable ac unit low Energy Consumption same as the power consumption of a light bulb,uses no freon,much cheaper than running a freon air conditioner in Hot Summer Days.

- [LED Mood Light]: Air conditioner fan in the start-up state, press the atmosphere light to turn on, the colorful light will automatically cycle and change, then press the monochrome light to turn on(colorful cycle selection), and cycle operationLong press to close. Portable air conditioner air cooler desk fan build-in breathing LED light makes it a great night light for your desk and bedroom.

Use Instructions:

1. Take out the air conditioner portable and place it on the horizontal desktop.

2. Open the water inlet and add clean tap water. The amount of water added shall not exceed the high water level, and then close the water cap.

3. Connect the power supply, the indicator light flashes, and the Table Fan surface power is normal.

4. Press the power button gently, the machine will enter the working state, and the default wind speed is gear 1.Air cooler Press the power on button and turn on the first speed.Two press for second gear, three press for third gear, cyclic operationLong press to shut down.

5. After the machine is turned on, operate the machine as required. When the fog is too large, there will be drops of water,is a normal phenomenon.


1.Please disconnect power when adding water.

2.The water in the water tank shall be replaced every day, and the inside of the water tank shall be cleaned regularly to keep the inside clean and avoid mildew or peculiar smell.

3.If the water in the tank is frozen, please do not use it.

4.There shall be no object blocking the air inlet / outlet.

5.Please do not pour overheated water (labove 55 °C) into the water tank.

Package Include: 

1* Air Cooler (with power cable and Instruction Manual)

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